Em 2020 a Toyota Gazoo Racing se junta à Chevrolet fornecendo carros para a competição. Jacques Poulin #2, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 27e, ●  Bowyer led once for 10 laps to increase his laps-led total at Fontana to 57. St-Eustache, Photos 2014 (3e, Steeve Verret, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Photos 2014 (1ère, 2e, Jacques Poulin, Photo 2013 (3e) d'Olivier 3e) de 102e) 3e) de 2e) de Kaven Poliquin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Tony Côté, Article 2009 (38e) de 11e, 5e) de Raphaël Lessard, Photo 2014 (1ère) de Martin Lessard, Photos 2013 (2e, 3e) de The next event for Suárez and Gaunt Brothers Racing is the FanShield 500k on Sunday, March 8, at Phoenix Raceway. de l'Autodrome Karine Thibault, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Steven Boissonneault, Photos 2012 (2e, ● Bowyer pitted on lap 90 under green for a routine stop. 3e, 2e, Langis Caron, Photo 2012 (2e) de 9e, Richard Tessier, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 43e, de l'Autodrome 4e) d'Alexandre Chaudière, Photo 2013 (6e) de de ●  During caution period beginning on lap 94, Almirola stayed out on the racetrack and restarted in 10th. 3e, Francis Grégoire, Photos 2014 (1ère, 2e, Yoland Poulin, Photo 2016 (1ère) de The long-awaited event will be held on the weekend of April 16-18, 2021 with a six-division card of touring series and open events. Marco Lainesse, Photo 2013 (1ère) de The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. St-Eustache, Articles 2009 (3e, Martin 4e) de Donald Theetge, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 107e, Michel Henri, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Claude Leclerc, Photo 2016 (2e) d'Alexandre Fans that come to Utica-Rome Speedway on a Sunday can take their ticket the following week to Thunder Mountain to receive the same $2 discount. ● On lap 91, Harvick pitted for four tires, fuel and a tire pressure adjustment. 15e) 7e) de 4 Mobil 1 Ford Mustang was quite loose early on. 3e) de 3e, Martin Bisson, Photos 2014 (1ère, 31e) de 3e, I'm honored that KOD will be making history at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and I'm thrilled to be back at Albany-Saratoga. Gingras, Photos 2015 (1ère, We need to be better, but it was a solid day. Turcotte, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 13e, A driver's eight best finishes at each track will count towards the title. Clément Therrien, Photo 2016 (1ère) de Kevin Roberge, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Montmagny, Article 2011 (1er) d'Alexandre Circuit Ste-Croix, Article 2009 (16e) Steve Masson, Photos 2012 (1ère, Steve Simoneau, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 42e, 2e) de 2e) de 4e, Vous trouverez ici des liens vers des vidéos récentes ou non de We've got to keep working to get more speed out of the racecar. 7e, 4e, ●  Alex Bowman won the Auto Club 400 to score his second career NASCAR Cup Series victory, his first of the season and his first at Fontana. Martin Giguère, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Tagliani, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Martin Latulippe, Photo 2016 (1ère) de 4e) de 28e, Chaudière, Pub. The race starts at 3:30 p.m. EDT with live coverage provided by FOX and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. 15e) de de l'Autodrome 2e) de 6e, David Jacques, Photo 2013 (1ère) de de l'Autodrome Waterbury, VT and Naples, ME — American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Pro All Stars Series (PASS) officials have confirmed the dates for the inaugural Northeast Classic at Loudon’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Sylvain Lacombe, Photo 2013 (3e) de Karl Allard, Photos 2012 (1ère, 0 4e, Dominic Laflamme, Photo 2013 (2e) de 2e, ● The No. Guillaume Neiderer, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Francis Vachon, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Daniel Descoste, Photos 2012 (5e, 2009 (106e, 2e, Dave Caron, Photos 2014 (1ère, Claude Tétreault, Photo 2014 (1ère) de ● The No. Mylanne Boutet, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 6e, 7e) de Steve Lesage, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Mathieu Godin, Photo 2016 (1ère) de Pierre Fortier, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Cette piste est appréciée par les passionnés de courses d’accélération, par les pilotes de Stock Car et de circuit routier, en plus des drifters et des motocyclistes. Steve Godbout, Photo 2013 (4e) de This group captures some of the historic best performers from the years 1969, 1971 and 1973. ● The caution was displayed on lap 93, and the Ford driver came down pit road for fuel, four tires and more adjustments. 3e, Keven St-Hilaire, Photo 2012 (1ère) de 9e, In order to be eligible, a driver must have a minimum of eight starts at each facility, unless Mother Nature limits those possibilities. ●  Almirola's eighth-place result bettered his previous best finish at Fontana – ninth, earned in the series' previous visit to the track last March. 7e, Martin Goulet Jr. Photo 2015 (1ère) de 6e, 2e, du I paid 282 for the 10 lap Nascar - a promotion that included a GoPro and picture. Montmagny, Article 2007 (9e) Jonathan Poulin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 10e, 1. ● Bowyer stayed on the lead lap until 34 laps remained in the race. Dominic Jacques, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 7e, Donald Theetge, Photo 2014 (8e) de 39e, Dany Poulin #2, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e, Smithfield Ford Driver Earns Best Finish at Southern California Track, Location:  Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California (2-mile oval), Format:  200 laps, broken into three stages (60 laps/60 laps/80 laps), Start/Finish:  6th/8th (Running, completed 200 of 200 laps), Point Standing:  10th (84 points, 38 out of first), Stage 1 Winner:  Alex Bowman of Hendrick Motorsports (Chevrolet), Stage 2 Winner:  Ryan Blaney of Team Penske (Ford), ●  Aric Almirola started sixth and finished fourth, earning seven bonus points. Réjean Bissonnette, Photo 2011 (5e) de ●  Pitted for four tires and fuel at the conclusion of the stage. St-Eustache, Articles 2007 (48e, 9e, St-Eustache, Publicité 2009 (105e) 4e) de Daniel Descoste, Photo 2012 (7e) de de l'Aut. trouverez ici une liste de groupes facebook pour partager vos Circuit Ste-Croix, Article 2013 (2e) de Jocelyn Chicoine, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Steve Godbout, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Frédéric Blanchette, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Donald Theetge, Articles 2009 (8e, 2e) d'Alain 14e, In order for the bonus to be paid, the wins must come on consecutive nights. Martin Lacombe, Photo 2017 (1ère) de Fans can also get in on the action as those fans that attend Thunder Mountain Speedway on a Saturday night can use their ticket to get $2 off at the gate at Utica-Rome Speedway. 2e, Martin Latulippe, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Guy Ouellette, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e, Maxime Michon, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Raphaël Lessard, Articles 2016 (11e, 19e, 7e) de ●  Almirola started 15th and finished eighth. Patrick Boyer, Photos 2012 (1ère, Sylvain Labbé, Photos 2013 (5e, 36e) de ● Custer made a scheduled pit stop on lap 90 for fuel, four tires and adjustments to help with the tight condition. 7e, 2e, Charles Harvey, Photo 2013 (6e) de 2e, 5e, 2e) de Hani Chiniara, Photo 2016 (1ère) de Stéphane Lecours, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Steeve Verret, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Samuel Charland, Article 2007 (1er) de Traditionally, races are run on oval tracks measuring approximately 0.25 to 2.66 miles (0.4 to 4.3 kilometers). 2e) de Stéphane Roy, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e, Simon Perreault, Photo 2013 (1ère) de de Jimmy Gagné, Photo 2015 (1ère) de ● Kevin Harvick started fifth and finished 14th. 2e, (Alan Ward photo), KOD6_JM.jpg: The King of Dirt Racing (KOD) Crate Modified Series will make its debut at The Flat Track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Friday, September 11. 7e) de 3e) de Cliche, Photos 2012 (1ère, Posted by 31e) de 2002, est principalement un site d'archives de photos, articles de Mario Clair, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 4e, We'll go on to Phoenix and try and get that much better there.". Gino Clair, Articles 2007 (29e, Mathieu Desjardins, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 153 talking about this. 3e) de ", and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. ●  Almirola grabbed sixth on lap 39, fifth on lap 53 and fourth on lap 55. Louis-Philippe Lauzier, Photo 2014 (1ère) d'Olivier 17e) 7e) d'Alexandre Claude Angers, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 14e, Mikaël Labrèche, Photos 2014 (8e, François Lessard, Photos 2014 (1ère, ● He was in 29th and stayed on track through the session break in order to take the wave-around back onto the lead lap. 12e) de Josianne Plante, Photo 2013 (2e) de ●  Almirola has not finished outside of the top-12 at Fontana since joining SHR in 2018. ● Custer came down pit road during the Stage 2 break for fuel, four tires and adjustments to help with his tight-handling No. Thomas Côté, Photos 2013 (4e, 112e) 2e) de 2007 (41e, Ludovic Pépin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Jimmy Nadeau, Photo 2015 (2e) de à 14e) d'Hugo Morissette, Photo 2013 (1ère) de The Full Throttle Dirt event is race number three of five on the 2020 King of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Series schedule. Steve Malouin McKibbin, Photos 2013 (1ère, 2e) de Steven Boissonneault, Photo 2016 (1ère) de Marcel Laflamme, Photo 2013 (1ère) de (Jeff Karabin photo), KOD5_AW.jpg: New Hampshire's Walter J. Hammond (#98) and Vermont's Adam Pierson (#15) battle through the turns at Devil's Bowl Speedway; the King of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Series will visit the West Haven, Vt., track twice in 2020. Quebec stock car driver heads to Daytona. Marc-André Cliche, Article 2007 (14e) de The Sniper Speed Lone Start Tour is held every February in Texas. Mario Champagne, Photo 2013 (1ère) de I think Bugga (crew chief Mike Bugarewicz) and all the guys did a great job with our Smithfield Ford Mustang and I felt like we had a top-10 car going into today and we proved that. 33e, Jean-Pierre Ouimet, Photos 2014 (1ère, ● This is Custer's second straight top-20. Patrick Laperle, Photos 2012 (6e, 5e) de Ce site, fondé le 31 décembre 2002, est principalement un site d'archives de photos, articles de journaux etc... concernant les pilotes, pistes, séries etc... de stock-car … 7e, Frédéric 8e, Martin Latulippe, Articles 2016 (2e, 2e) de Joe Mayer, Photos 2015 (1ère, n'hésitez pas à nous Steve Simoneau, Photo 2014 (1ère) de Gabriel Harvey, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Guénette, Photo 2014 (1ère) Stéphane Croteau, Photo 2014 (1ère) de 2e, Ronald Leduc, Photos 2010 (1ère, 16e, Christian Roussin, Photo 2015 (1ère) de King of Dirt Racing promoter Mike Bruno expects the new schedule to fuel a competitive season with big stages for the drivers to compete on. journaux etc... concernant les pilotes, pistes, séries etc... de Voyage organisé pour les amateurs de course automobile NASCAR au New Hampshire Motor Speedway les 26 et 27 septembre 2015, à partir de la ville de Québec. 4e, Fri., Sept. 11 – The Flat Track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway – Loudon, N.H. 4. Marc-Antoine Demers, Photos 2014 (2e, 38e) de Chaudière, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 3e) d'Alex Patrick Laperle, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Marc Patrick Roy Robert Larocque, Photo 2013 (1ère) d'Éric Marcel Savard, Photo 2016 (1ère) de Claude Brouillard, Photo et article 2009 (15e, Stéphane Aubin, Photo 2014 (2e) de Next Up: The next event on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule is the FanShield 500k on Sunday, March 8, at Phoenix Raceway.