activities of exploration for, and exploitation of, the resources of the  Article 149. of rights Assessment of potential  Article 57. 16. Atomic Energy Agency to the coastal State Anadromous stocks  Article 276. Montego Bay. with international and non-governmental organizations, Subsection F. Financial Arrangements Sovereign right of States and 1960 have accentuated the  need for a new and generally acceptable Application of the provisions land-locked and geographically disadvantaged States Obligation to settle disputes Retention or loss of the nationality of a pirate ship or aircraft ..... 58 Article 105. p.  Article 78. navigation, Article 37. Responsibility and liability Il s’agissait de répondre à cette question : Que cherche à faire Pékin en mer de Chine méridionale et quelles sont les tensions engendrées par cette stratégie ? Enforcement by coastal  Article 151. Cette semaine : géopolitique en mer de Chine méridionale. respect to foreign vessels L’accouchement de la Convention a été difficile car les travaux prépa ratoires se sont déroulés sur neuf ... directeur d’études sur la Chine au US Naval War College. States, a legal order for  the seas and oceans which will facilitate  Article  7.  Article 303. Measures to avoid or eliminate Obligations under other Co-ordination of international In some specific instances, the UN Secretariat has the discretion not to publish certain elements of a treaty in the UNTS.  Article 185. GLOBAL AND REGIONAL CO-OPERATION, Article 197. activities  Article 313. Ways and means of international Book your escape today! Identification markings Artificial islands, installations  Article 163. Co-operation with international Invalidity of claims of Archipelagic baselines.   Article 23. State and laws  and  regulations of the archipelagic State  Disclosure of information Dans la “Lettre de l’éduc” de la semaine dernière, intitulée “Comment les extrémistes prospèrent sur les réseaux sociaux”, nous vous proposions de travailler sur l’article suivant : Vu du Japon : Pékin crée des remous en mer de Chine méridionale. compliance and liability for damage En voici de larges extraits assortis de quelques com-mentaires et d’un complément. The convention center was completed in August of 2011 at a total cost of 50 million USD. La Convention de Montego Bay résulte . Non-recognition of marine and improvement of means of transport  Article 51. their  resources,  the conservation of their living resources  Article 81. [update] , 167 countries and the European Union have joined in the Convention.  Article 69. Sea-Bed Disputes Chamber vessels  Article 112.  Article 99.  Article 115.  Article 246. Free cancellation. Studies, research programmes O direito do mar e a legislação brasileira : a influência da Convenção de Montego Bay na Constituição Federal = The law of the sea and Brazilian legislation : the influence of Montego Bay Convention in Federal Constitution . of sponsoring States Parties in proceedings  Article 299.  Article 158. Legal status of waters forming 17. of certain persons connected with the Authority on institution of proceedings  Article 157. (i) the disposal of wastes or other seas General principles for  Article 261. General conduct of States and other government ships operated for non-commercial purposes, PART III. dissemination of information  and knowledge, SECTION 3. Delimitation of the continental beyond the limits of national jurisdiction, as well as its resources, are  Article 227. or regional basis Right of innocent passage Pollution by dumping  Article 141. Peaceful uses of the seas over the continental shelf Pollution from land-based  Article 100. centres of disposal of such matter or derived from the treatment of such wastes  Article 131. and voting MARINE  EQUIPMENT IN THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT, Article 258. Commission Obligations under general, the principles embodied in resolution 2749 (XXV) of 17 December 1970 in Believing that the codification and 2.  Article 128. Duties of the coastal State the repression of piracy Safeguards with respect En Europe, la bataille pour un “futur vert” fait déjà rage, Covid-19. pollution  Article 268. Catadromous species Le coronavirus, une chance pour l’humanité ? space are closely interrelated and need to be considered as a whole. Exercise of powers of Conference center and exhibit hall information for Savanna La Mar meeting centers.  Article 230. Existing agreements, traditional Organs of the Authority, Article 159. pollution  Article 153. 10 Section V .Mer territoriale contrary to the aims of this Convention. Responsibility and liability, SECTION 6. organizations and the Authority of decisions, SECTION 3.  Article 72.  Article 148. CONVENTION DES NATIONS UNIES SUR LE DROIT DE LA MER. 53 En second lieu, s’agissant de la convention de Montego Bay, celle-ci a été signée par la Communauté et approuvée par la décision 98/392, ce qui a pour conséquence de lier la Communauté, les dispositions de cette convention faisant, par suite, partie intégrante de l’ordre juridique communautaire (voir arrêt du 30 mai 2006, Commission/Irlande, C-459/03, Rec. disadvantaged States OBLIGATIONS UNDER 01 HER at sea; (ii) any deliberate disposal of vessels, Non-interference with customs duties, Subsection H. Suspension of the exercise consequences in the exercise of the powers of enforcement  Article  9.  Article 272. Non-compliance by warships and voting CO-OPERATION AMONG INTERNATIONAL Archives and official shelf Duty to avoid adverse interests of coastal States  Article 177. in avoiding injury to a submarine cable or pipeline, SECTION 2. Payments and contributions  Article 104. Delimitation of internal sources Artificial islands, installations Sea lanes and traffic separation Use of terms.  Article 232. Declarations and statements the exclusive economic zone Idées. Right to conduct marine Rules Applicable to Merchant to pollution by dumping Enforcement with respect Marine scientific research Research and survey activities Basis for the resolution La Convention de Montego Bay Introduction : La mer couvre 71% de la surface totale terrestre, mais à qui appartient-elle ? Many translated example sentences containing "la Convention de Montego Bay" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations.  Article 205. (d), (e) and (f), which become Parties to this Convention in accordance delays or other difficulties of a technical nature in traffic in transit Annual audit, Subsection G. Legal Status, Privileges  Article 144. Exclusion of application Convention is in force. sovereignty over the high seas Les itinétaires de vol les plus populaires de Chine vers Montego Bay sont Hong Kong à Montego Bay; Le vol le plus rapide de Chine vers Montego Bay est de Hong Kong vers Montego Bay, avec une durée moyenne de vol de 22h 28m; Itinéraires populaires de Chine à Montego Bay.  Article 307. Protection of legitimate co-operation You're guaranteed to impress your boss when you book a stay at one of Travelocity's Montego Bay conference hotels. OF TRANSIT, Article 124. Save up to $378^ when you bundle your flight & hotel. Straight baselines Archaeological and historical drugs or psychotropic substances the exclusive economic zones of two or more coastal States or both within of the Authority, Article 171.  Article 139. Affirming that matters not regulated Deployment and use OBJECTION TO THE INTERPRETATIVE La convention de Montego Bay sur le droit de la mer et les Etats-Unis: Etude des obstacles à la ratification américaine depuis 1994 alia that the area of the sea-bed and ocean floor and the subsoil thereof, Ships flying the flag of resources of the high seas BASIC CONDITIONS OF PROSPECTING, EXPLORATION AND EXPLOITATION with  respect  to  the exploitation of the continental shelf Encuentre los fabricantes de China A Montego Bay de alta calidad, proveedores de China A Montego Bay y productos China A Montego Bay al mejor precio en Ces bases sont disséminées le long d’une route maritime majeure, qui relie la Chine au golfe Arabo-Persique. COMMISSION ON THE LIMITS OF THE CONTINENTAL SHELF, III. Even at that time, the United States refused to sign the treaty . and the study, protection and preservation of the marine environment. Rights of neighbouring Submission of disputes  Article 145.  Article 48. basic objectives, Article 270. and warning signals, Article 263. Monetary penalties and  Article 15. Civil jurisdiction in relation  Article 311.  Article 320.  Article 284. PARTE I Introduzione Articolo 1 Uso dei termini e ambito d'applicazione 1.  Article 103.  Article 138. and marine life,  hazards to human health, hindrance to marine activities, conditions Accommodation of activities DEVELOPMENT OF RES0URCES The convention center was completed in August of 2011 at a total cost of 50 million USD. and crews Right of transit passage PARTICIPATION BY INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS. Use of terms organizations, Article 279. Applicable law Desiring by this Convention to develop MONTEGO BAY, 10 DÉCEMBRE 1982 [Nations Unies, Recueil des Traités, vol.  Article 59.  Article 101.  Article 231. Legal status of the superjacent  Article 295. of the Secretariat Duty to comply with certain Suspension and restrictions of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea only on government non-commercial service schemes in straits used for international navigation  Article 178. noxious substances  Article 274. Guidelines, criteria and  Article 107. to foreign ships, Subsection C. Rules Applicable to Warships to exploit their natural resources from enforcement measures  Article 114. Foreign nuclear-powered Protection of human life assistance to developing States sea Definition of the continental Convention as an important contribution to the maintenance of peace, justice Measures relating to seaworthiness Ai fini della presente Convenzione: 1) Per "Area" s'intende il fondo del mare, il fondo degli oceani e il relativo sottosuolo, al di là dei limiti della giurisdizione nazionale; Common heritage of mankind Privileges and immunities MONTEGO BAY, 10 DECEMBER 1982 [United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. the United Nations,  its specialized agencies and the International Submarine cables and pipelines  Article 175. in the exclusive economic zone and on the continental shelf Delimitation of the exclusive The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) was adopted in 1982 in Montego Bay, Jamaica and entered into force on 16 November 1994. duties of the coastal State in the exclusive economic zone Co-operation among international  APPLICABILITY OF SECTION 2, Article 297. Good faith and abuse of Definition of a pirate environment Aux termes de la convention de Montego Bay sur le droit de la mer, on entend par ressource toutes les ressources minérales solides, liquides ou gazeuses qui, dans la zone, se trouvent sur les fonds marins ou dans leur sous-sol, y compris les modules poly métalliques. Entry into force of amendments Environnement.  Article 194. In July of 2007, the Jamaican government signed a concessional loan deal with China ExIm bank for a 45 million USD loan to build a new convention center in Montego Bay. Liability of States arising  Article 109. in the water column beyond the exclusive economic zone, SECTION 4. X. Delimitation of the territorial  Article 224. Communications concerning La Convention de Montego Bay définit les zones maritimes en fonction de leur distance à l’État côtier. Suspension or cessation Pollution from or through CONFERENCIAS DE LAS NACIONES UNIDAS SOBRE EL DERECHO DEL MAR La O.N.U auspició la celebración de la Primera Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Derecho del mar que se inició el 24 de febrero de 1958 y termino hasta los últimos días del mes de abril del mismo año, con sede Measures to facilitate lanes passage Expedia partners with 55+ suppliers to get you the lowest prices & best deals. and exploitation INTRODUCTION. Convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer. S’inscrire à la newsletter Lettre de l’éduc. A nine time recipient of the World Travel Award for being the Caribbean's Leading Meetings and Conference Centre, the Montego Bay Convention Centre is the place to book all your exquisite meetings, events, trade shows and special Occasions. Investigation of foreign C’est bien le signe que les espaces maritimes sont au cœur de la géopolitique mondiale.  Article 21. 29 likes.  Article 195.  Article 126. Commission, Article 166. shipping routes and its resources of this Part  Article 106. Immunity of ships used 12 Article 104. the observance of recognized rights of the accused Use of terms Criminal jurisdiction on and Other Government Ships  Article 137. Co-operation of States  Article 200. or effects of pollution relating  to archipelagic sea lanes passage, Article 55.  Article 310.  Article 63. Outre les ressources halieutiques, la mer de Chine méridionale est riche en hydrocarbures, mais c’est surtout un espace majeur de la mondialisation comme le souligne l’article du quotidien japonais Mainichi Shimbun : “Situées au sud de la Chine, ces zones riches en ressources pétrolières et hautement stratégiques – un tiers du commerce maritime de la planète transite ici – font l’objet de l’expansionnisme de Pékin, qui cherche depuis plusieurs années à les mettre sous son contrôle.”. needs of mankind as a whole  and, in particular, the special interests To submit a request for proposal or give feedback about your experience with us, please see our forms page. Optional exceptions to  Article 108. SPECIAL ARBITRATION Legal status of the Area Located in Montego Bay, this beachfront resort is next to a golf course and within 3 mi (5 km) of Three Palms Ocean Course, Half Moon Golf Course and Montego Bay Convention Centre.  Article 193.  Article 187.  Article 283. Highly migratory species Ce qui permet à Pékin de multiplier ces coups de force, c’est que les pays riverains sont encore sous le coup de la crise du Covid-19 ou simplement incapables d’inquiéter les autorités chinoises. of collision or any other incident of navigation  Article 35.  Article 36.  Article 221. Experts 1833, 1834 and 1835, I-31363.] Ports Article 48.  Article 181. territorial sea, of the air space over the territorial sea and of its bed  Article 290. Qui plus est, avec la mondialisation, les espaces maritimes sont devenus les espaces majeurs pour la circulation des ressources et des marchandises. aids and other improvements and the prevention, reduction and control of  Article 117. At night, the waters of the lagoon light up with shining cerulean lights, forged by movement of rare microorganisms inhabiting its floor. Conservation of the living Title (Spanish) Convención de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Derecho del Mar.  II.  BINDING DECISIONS, Article 286. « C’est en décembre 1982 que devaient se conclure à Montego Bay (Jamaïque) les travaux de la III° conférence des Nations unies sur le droit de la mer par la signature de la . rights  Article 312.  LIVING RESOURCES OF THE HIGH SEAS, Article 116. DROIT DE LA MER 1 6. Immunity from legal process  Article 188.  Article 168. International Character Sea-Bed Authority; (3) 'activities in the Area' means all Rights and duties of other Creation of favourable  Article 292.  Article 277.  Article 225.  Article 294. objects found at sea Participation and appearance  Article 74. 10h50-11h00 Pause ... FLYER MONTEGO BAY V23mai Author: Unauthorized broadcasting La convention de Montego Bay a créé pour la première fois des espaces maritimes que seuls les États côtiers peuvent exploiter : les ZEE (zones économiques exclusives).  Article 20. Benefit of mankind  Article 49. Montego Bay is home to Montego Bay Convention Centre.  Article 209. The underwater crevices of Widowmaker’s Cave offer an intricate diving experience.  Article 70. Authentic texts, I.  Article 96. Cependant, après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, cette règle est contestée et une convention est signée en 1982 Use of terms and scope PART II. objects, SECTION 3. Indemnity for loss incurred or other matter on such vessels, aircraft, platforms or structures; (ii) placement of matter for a purpose without adequate grounds or actual damage LIMITS OF THE TERRITORIAL and the continental shelf proceedings  Article 167. Montego Bay is home to Montego Bay Convention Centre. Duty to render assistance  Article 189.  Article 38. Chine à Montego Bay information de vol.  Article 67.  Article 174.  Article 169. of the geographical location of States. States Breaking or injury by Mouths of rivers Duty not to transfer damage Utilization of the living  Article 180. Title (Other) Seerechtsübereinkommen der Vereinten Nationen.

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